What is Kosher Food? 

The word “Kosher” is cognate with the English Hebrew root “Kasher.” It describes foods and beverages that conform to the Jewish dietary law of kashrut. With the help of Kosher laws, Jewish people understand what foods they should and shouldn’t eat.  

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What are Kosher Food Categories?  

Eating Kosher means foods and beverages that are fit for consumption by Jewish people. Kosher falls into mainly three categories: 

  1. Meat: Everything is made from animals having split hooves who chew their cud.  
  2. Diary: Products such as yogurt, milk, cheese, and butter should come from a Kosher animal.    
  3. Pareve: Any food apart from meat and dairy, such as fruits, fish, vegetables, and eggs.  

So, after receiving the kosher food delivery, make sure it falls into the above categories.  

What are the Rules for Eating Kosher Foods? 

As per Kosher laws, only certain foods and beverages are permitted for Jews. Therefore, knowing the eating rules for kosher food is beneficial before considering online Kosher Food Delivery.  So, let’s get started!  

The first kosher rule is avoiding the use of meat and dairy products together.  Besides, it is imperative to use separate utensils for meat and dairy products. Ideally, a person must wait until the next meal for dairy products after eating meat. 

Another important rule of kosher is that sea creatures without fins and scales are not considered kosher. Besides, cheese from animal-based rennet is also not kosher.  

Is Kosher Food Only for Jewish People? 

The use of kosher foods isn’t just for Jewish people.  It has been witnessed that many people, apart from Jews, eat or drink Kosher knowingly or unknowingly.  For instance, some soft drinks are kosher, and people of many religions drink them. Besides, it is important to note that not all Jewish keep kosher.